Hedera Keypair Recovery

Hedera Hashgraph follows the BIP-32 standard of generating keypairs, taking some random data (which is represented by your mnemonic) and then following a set process to turn that data into your public and private keys. This is done by following a "derivation path", with the standard for Hedera Hashgraph being to use the keys derived at index 0.

It is highly recommended to use index 0 when recovering your public and private keys (as this is most likely to match the keypair you previously used), however if you know that your keys were generated using a different derivation index then you can change the number below.

Mnemonic Phrase

Please enter your 24 word mnemonic phrase below to access your wallet.

Recover Keypair

Public Key

This is the Public Key that is associated with your Hedera Hashgraph account. Any transactions you make will need to be signed with the corresponding Private Key.

Hedera Hashgraph supports many different types of key setups, however Yamgo currently support simple ED25519 keypairs. For the full documentation on Accounts and Key Types, please see the official Hedera Hashgraph documentation here.

Copy Public Key

Private Key

This is the Private Key that is paired with your Public Key (shown above). This allows you to authorise transfers and other transaction calls on the Hedera Hashgraph network.

You should be very careful to keep this key a secret, as anyone who has a copy of it has full access to your account, and you could lose all of your funds.

Copy Private Key

Mnemonic Phrase

This collection of 24 words is known as a mnemonic or seed phrase. Hedera Hashgraph support what is known as the BIP-39 standard of generating mnemonic phrases.

It is important to store this phrase securely, in the order that it is written, as it can be used to recover your Public and Private Keys should you ever lose them.

You may also need this phrase if you ever wished to use other applications that provide access to Hedera Hashgraph network services.